Binance Futures continues to report record-breaking daily volumes – Binance Futures News

The Binance Futures platform has been reporting massive daily volumes from that last few days. On Saturday, the platform reported close to $2.5 billion in daily volumes. Since its launch, the Futures platform has stood out amongst its competitors. The Futures platform has gained quite a momentum in the last few days.

Just two weeks ago, Binance Futures reported $700 million in daily volumes, which was a record for the platform. But on 26th October, the platform reported the daily volume of close to $2.5 billion, which is more than three times its previous record. However, the daily volume dipped the next day, but it still managed to collect $1.5 billion. Binance Futures completed its first month on 13th October.

It is expected that the platform will once again cross the $2 billion mark in the coming days. The massive spike in the daily volumes is likely due to bitcoin’s recent rise, as the price went from around $7,400 to above $9,500 in a very short time.

Bakkt exchange is also gaining a positive momentum even though the numbers are not close to as of Binance Futures, but it has gained a lot in the last few weeks. The increasing daily volume clearly indicates that the interest of people in bitcoin is growing.

Ryan Asher
Ryan Asher
A post-graduate in business administration from Rutgers University, Ryan love to express his thoughts in writing. Ryan entered the crypto space by selling his car back in 2013 and investing the money into bitcoin. Apart from writing, Ryan loves to travel and believes that bitcoin is helping him fulfill his dream of traveling across the world.

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