Binance allows crypto traders to post advertisements on its P2P platform.

Crypto exchange giant Binance has now allowed crypto traders to post advertisements on its peer-to-peer platform. Earlier, only verified merchants were allowed to trade on the platform.

One of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, Binance announced earlier this month that it is now allowing crypto traders to post advertisements on its recently launched peer-to-peer exchange. According to the crypto exchange giant, this will promote freedom for crypto trading by offering crypto traders the option to set up their own trades. The peer-to-peer platform supports crypto trading with 25 fiat currencies.


The P2P exchange will not charge the buyers or sellers for putting ads. 

One of the world’s leading crypto exchange Binance announced that the peer-to-peer platform would not charge buyers or sellers for putting on advertisements on the platform. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that they strive to increase the freedom of money, and are delighted to give their global users more freedom of crypto trading through creating their trades. He added that users are allowed to trade peer-to-peer for free, as the exchange will not charge any fees for providing the P2P Trading platform. Binance has also been on an acquisition spree as the exchange has acquired several blockchain and crypto platforms all over the world. 


Binance launched its peer-to-peer platform last year. 

Crypto exchange Binance launched its peer-to-peer platform last year. Previously it only allowed verified merchants to trade cryptocurrencies on the platform, but now the P2P platform is free for all crypto traders as anyone can post adds. The peer-to-peer platform first added Chinese yuan and tapped into the lucrative market where centralized crypto exchanges are banned. 

Binance CEO CZ further added that the cryptocurrency exchange is a profitable business, and now a user can be a local exchange on the Binance P2P platform. Users on the P2P platform can make profits by providing competitive prices or new payment methods for users across the world. Binance recently launched a mining pool as well. Several people from the crypto community have expressed concern over the rapid growth of the crypto exchange, which might create a Binance monopoly in different services in the crypto industry. However, the exchange has denied such a possibility. 

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