Binance acquires China-based DappReview to encourage blockchain adoption.

In the latest acquisition, Binance bought Beijing-based DappReview for an undisclosed amount. DappReview tracks and analyzes 3,900 decentralized apps built on various public blockchains.

Binance announced the acquisition would help the exchange further develop its existing dapps and create new blockchain use cases. On of the worlds leading crypto exchange, Binance, will offer support for the Beijing-based startup in marketing and business development while DappReview maintains its independence in technical developments and operations.


DappReview will expand its footprint in the global market.

Vincent Niu, the founder of DappReview, told CoinDesk that by working with Binance, they would bring in more talented Dapp developers and assist in promising Dapp projects on fund-raising. He added that DappReview would partner with the public chains and protocols in the Dapp space through Binance’s ecosystem.

Viktor Radchenko, the founder at Binance’s Trust Wallet, said that in the near future, they would integrate DappReview APIs to provide an easy way to explore new Dapps and crypto games and offer more insight into DeFi services, analytics, and usage.


Binance enters the Chinese market.

Binance originally started its operations in China but moved its headquarters to Malta because of Chinese regulations on the crypto market. But by acquiring DappReview, it will now have a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Beijing. Earlier, it was rumored that the authorities had raided Binance’s office in Shanghai, but Binance revealed that they do not have any office in the Chinese city.

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