Beware: Bakkt scams are here

Bakkt’s much-anticipated futures platform was launched two days ago, and scammers have already started attacking the company by fooling the investors and steal their digital assets. A fake website, was launched recently and like every other scam, is asking for investors to participate in a crypto giveaway.

The scammers were creative enough to copy the layout of Bakkt’s Medium page where the company makes all the important announcements. On this page, they have been promoting a “Bakkt- Official ETH and BTC Giveaway.” The “giveaway event” consists of giving away 5000 BTC and 10000 ETH to celebrate the launch of Bakkt’s Future Contracts.

There were two links given on the website in which one was for Bitcoin, and the other one was for Ethereum users where the scammers are asking for 0.1 to 10 BTC to receive 5 times more Bitcoins and 10 times if invested using Ethereum.

A flop show of BTC futures by Bakkt?

Bakkt launched the Bitcoin futures trading platform to bring physically delivered Bitcoin futures trading in the United States. The demand for Bakkt’s Bitcoin futures was very low as the platform made the trade for only 72 Bitcoins on the very first day. Regulators all over the world have asked investors to not invest in them as they are not safe.

Malta Financial Services Authority(MFSA) recently issued a warning against various suspicious crypto schemes of the Bitcoin Revolution. The Belgian financial watchdogs are also updating their crypto warning list as they add more and more names in the list of suspicious platforms.