Best Cryptocurrency Wallet 2018 list.

Listing some of the Best cryptocurrency wallets of 2018.  

Opening thoughts

Cryptocurrency space is highly vulnerable to attacks by the hackers. Specifically, the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges where the users use that to trade their cryptocurrencies is the main point of interest for the hackers as the amount is readily made available for them. A number of incidents have been witnessed in the past, for instance, MtGox and Coincheck hack are two of the most prominent hacks of all time that the Crypto domain has experienced.  Let look at the best cryptocurrency wallet list of 2018.


Safeguard your investments by choosing the right and best cryptocurrency wallet

Therefore it is highly recommended that the user transfer their cryptocurrency funds through their exchange’s account to a safe wallet. Specifically, the hardware wallets are preferred over the web-based wallet as the user would gain total control of his or her funds. Below is a list of some of the most predominant and best cryptocurrency wallet that one can opt for, in order to secure their cryptocurrencies.


1. Atomic Swap Wallet

The multi cryptocurrency Wallet is highly secure in nature as it provides high levels of anonymity. The cryptocurrency wallet is completely decentralized in nature and available for the operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. It is one of the best cryptocurrency wallets as it uses the world’s first distributed form of Technology, BitTorrent for its distributed order book services. In order to become the cross-chain custody free, the cryptocurrency wallet inherently adopts the atomic swap Technology as the name suggest.  

An instant exchange option is also made available to the customers of the best cryptocurrency wallet through Changelly and ShapeShift. It is one of the best custody free solutions as the users absolutely need not worry about the security and reliability of the cryptocurrency wallet. The multi cryptocurrency wallet supports more than 300 varieties of cryptocurrency and most importantly any form of ERC 20 tokens can also be stored effectively within the cryptocurrency wallet. The peer to peer order book based on the Bittorrent technology is executed by powering it with the Blockchain Technology.

2. Citowise

Citowise, The second best cryptocurrency wallet provides high levels of anonymity but the process of validation is centralized in nature unlike the first one, which was absolutely decentralized. The global access to the cryptocurrencies is made available through the multi cryptocurrency wallet for both the business as well as the private investors. The user interface provided by the second best cryptocurrency wallet is very simple and requires no technical knowledge and also the process of trading is made easier with the integration of the wallet with various Crypto exchanges.


3. Infinito Wallet

Infinito, The third one of the best cryptocurrency wallet provides medium levels of anonymity and interestingly is open source in nature. The multi cryptocurrency wallet supports a huge spectrum of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, etc and the list doesn’t end there, as it even supports various protocol based tokens like ETH ERC20 and NEO NEP-5 and further features are to be added very soon.


4. Qiao Network

The fourth best cryptocurrency wallet supports multiple forms of cryptocurrencies and provides high levels of anonymity to its users. It also provides a cross chain platform to its customers. The cryptocurrency wallet strives to open gateways for the usage of cryptocurrencies, in other words, it strives to democratize its usage among the public masses. The cryptocurrency wallet is one of the best one in the market, but it doesn’t seem to have options for two-factor authentication. The Crypto wallet is also not released as an open source. However using some of the best cryptocurrency Wallets, the users gain complete control of their funds.


5. Enjin Wallet

Enjin; one of the best cryptocurrency wallet uses a centralized methodology in order to validate the transactions and interestingly it provides high levels of anonymity to secure all its transactions from the illicit activities. Specifically, the cryptocurrency wallet is a mobile-based application which effectively converts your mobile phone into a hardware wallet. The cryptocurrency wallet is extremely simple to use and highly secure, as it incorporates a special keyboard in order to develop a sense of trust and reliability among its customers.  


Therefore, these are the some of the best cryptocurrency wallets that one can choose to rely upon in order to safeguard their interest from the outsiders.  



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