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Become a Part of the Future Internet With NFT Domains From has launched the minting of NFT domains on its marketplace which are believed to be the domains of the internet of t

Web 3.0, or the decentralized web, is fast increasing and has become more reachable. In this decentralized network, NFT domains are a fascinating development. They have the potential to transform domain names and the internet world. allows you to buy, mint, and sell NFT domains.

Blockchain domains, unlike regular domains, are collections of smart contracts – software that runs on a public blockchain and adds an extra layer of openness, security, and usefulness.

NFT blockchain domains have a long history dating back to the early days of cryptocurrencies. Their capabilities were limited in the pre-smart contract era.

However, now that we now have smart contacts and the ability to articulate complicated relationships, the potential for crypto domains has grown significantly.

Traditional domains supported Web 2.0 by substituting web portal IP addresses, but their centralized and non-transparent nature limited their functionality. Over time, we can detect a distinct lack of innovation in terms of domain names. intends to change all of that.

NFT Domains from intends to encourage creativity in the NFT domain business with dedicated payments to blockchain on its platform. We can also use NFT domains minted on to replace our crypto wallet addresses which are long cryptic strings. This makes it easier to remember our wallet address.

“Crypto domains are registered on a blockchain’s public ledger, which provides users with many features and benefits. They can drive innovation in the direction of the internet of the future.

“At, we want to be a bridge to Web 3.0,”

stated Sahil Kohli, the company’s founder. launched its services in March and now offers several NFT-based blockchain domains, including:

  1. .metaverse
  2. .vr
  3. .chain
  4. .address
  5. .i
  6. .bored
  7. .doge
  8. .shib
  9. .btc
  10. .web3

Users can use it to create their domain names and mint them on the blockchain to convert them to NFT domains. They can search for domain names on the site and, if one is available, attach it to blockchain extensions to mint or move them to the public ledger.

It lets people take true control of the NFT domain and secure a Web 3.0 building block for the future. Additionally, users can list, buy, and trade these NFT domain names using blockchain transactions.

Domains: Centralized vs. Decentralized

NFT domains provide a wide range of functions compared to conventional centralized domain names.

NFT domain names are decentralized, allowing anyone to create a website on a public ledger free of censorship. You may create a functioning application on top of the website and connect it to any virtual wallet to make a transaction.

There is no renewal charge after purchasing a blockchain domain because you are the true owner of the NFT Domain for life.

Quik’s goal is to make the entire transaction process of exchanging crypto domains a lot safer, simple, transparent, and anonymous.

Quik promises to break down barriers to Web 3.0 innovation by offering a completely new way of selling, buying, and minting NFT domains.

Register at today to become a part of the internet of tomorrow!