What is BDT token? Why Is it a good investment for 2018?

Comprehending some of the key attributes of the BDT token.


Following the footsteps of Satoshi Nakamoto, a decentralized exchange is the complete form of freedom in the Crypto domain that can be provided to the customers. However, there are downsides to a decentralized exchange, as they are not capable of handling the number of volumes a centralized exchange currently handles. In a decentralized environment, there is absolutely no place for block rewards, which is responsible for incentivization to the economy in the system. But the decentralized exchanges are absolutely global, unlike the Centralised ones which are restricted to some countries only. Blockonix is one of such decentralized exchanges which is proving to be the future of decentralized crypto trading and BDT Token is the core token of the Exchange. Although the decentralized exchanges do not support the Fiat currencies, it is yet the preferred place for all the crypto fanatics.


Blockonix launched on 20th July 2018 is one of the most reliable and trustworthy decentralized Crypto exchange. It launched its operations from Malta despite originally being from India due to the regulatory bottlenecks in the country. The Crypto exchange earlier was called by the name ‘BitIndia’ which was a domestic Crypto exchange, to be launched in India itself. But due to strict Crypto regulations in the country, the organization was forced to go global by rebranding itself to Blockonix.

As the complete operations of the Crypto exchange are solely vested with a number of smart contracts, there is no single authority who is in control of the funds on the exchange, as they staunchly believe in the decentralized principal. The most reliable, Ethereum environment, was incorporated to build the whole smart contract based Crypto exchange, where the users are fully in control of their funds.


BDT Token

BDT token is the native token for decentralized crypto exchange, Blockonix. The Crypto exchange as earlier was expected to launch as  BitIndia but was unable to do so, hence is providing a provision to all the BitIndia users to swap their tokens with BDT tokens. With approximately 2000 holders, the total supply of token is just  10,092,083.35. BDT tokens are to be listed on some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges along with being listed on it’s on home Crypto exchange.

The holders will undoubtedly experience an increase in the value of BDT tokens as all the trading fees which are to be obtained, while trading, would be permanently destroyed by sending them to a burn address. In this way as the scarcity of the token increases, the value also increases. The team members of the project are highly committed to providing a world-class facility to their traders.

The trading fees are 0.1 % and a flat 70% discount would be made avail if the users incorporate BDT tokens for the paying the fee. Generally, Ether along with the Ethereum gas is incorporated for the transaction fees. The complex decentralized environment is economically sound, as there is negligible expenditure on security measures, as the decentralization is incorporated into its core framework itself. Thereby cutting down the security costs.

Good investment?

The Bloconix decentralized Crypto exchange has listed more than 100 Ethereum tokens for trading. With sufficient security and robustness provided by the team members, the value of the tokens is bound to increase as the crypto exchange expands. Hence it is one of the best tokens that one must be opting for incorporating into their investment portfolio for 2018. The Crypto exchange is predicted to set benchmarks in the history of decentralized Crypto exchanges, in turn, pushing the value of the BDT tokens towards the sky.  



The fact can be denied that the Centralized exchanges have played a major role in providing liquidity along with shaping the cryptocurrency market worldwide. But there is a lot of downside to it, a sum of the Crypto exchanges offers their service to selected regions. On contrary, Blockonix, is open for its usage, except for the citizens of the countries of United States of America, Singapore, and China.



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