BCHSV is now 8th Largest Cryptocurrency

After a few days of the Bitcoin Cash Fork, BCHSV has shown 72.2% growth in the last 24 hours, and is trading at $111 as reported by CoinGecko.

Bitcoin SV is now the 8th Largest Cryptocurrency.

For the last couple of days, Craig Wright has been “hitting” on the crypto market by his threats that he will destroy Bitcoin and eventually all other cryptocurrencies.

Calvin Ayer from Coingeek recently tweeted about how BCH-ABC is making changes in the base protocol instead of focusing on Scaling issues.

Calvin has also been attacking Bitmain, mainly because they support the main chain and the ABC chain.

Some people argue that the Hash Wars might not be over yet as BCH ABC and Bitcoin SV both trying to get more hash power and beating each other.
According to Coin Dance, Bitcoin SV is 43.30% less profitable to mine than the BTC chain, which means all companies that are currently mining Bitcoin SV are doing it on a loss.

What do you think about Bitcoin SV and the ongoing Hash Wars? Comment below.

Janet F. Sanchez

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