Bank accounts of country’s top anti-corruption activists frozen by Russian Officials

In recent news, bank accounts of a Russian anti-corruption foundation are being frozen by the government under the suspicion of their involvement in money-laundering and tax evasion. Accounts belonging to the institution as well as the staff have been frozen.

This foundation belongs to Alexei Navalny, and along with their accounts, they are also freezing accounts belonging to their regional offices. The organization’s press secretary, Kira Yarmysh announced this news by adding that the accounts being frozen belonged to officials of FBK who were identified as suspects for an ongoing money-laundering and tax evasion investigation.

According to the report, people who are involved in this investigation are the campaign chief Leonid Volkov, former FBK director Roman Rubanov, accountant Anna Chekhovich, legal department chief Vyacheslav Gimadi, attorneys Alexander Pomazuyev and Evgeny Zamyatin and sociological service head Anna Biryukova.

Police officials also raided the houses of Gimadi, Zamyatin, and Pomazuyev, and they were summoned before Moscow’s Investigative Committee for questioning. A case against FBK was also opened up by the investigators in suspicion that the staff did the money laundering activities and the person involved received cash from many individuals. Police suspect that these people transferred the money to their accounts first, and then it was added in the account.