AT&T to dispute cryptocurrency SIM-swap allegations in the court – Cryptocurrency News

Telecommunication company AT&T has announced to dispute the allegations of SIM-swap that contributed to a loss of $1.7 million in cryptocurrencies of a customer. The head of the strategy at VideoCoin said that the phone company had failed to secure his device when it was hacked in May last year.

Seth Shapiro, a customer of AT&T, has alleged that hackers gained control of his phone, reset his mail, and then breached several accounts on cryptocurrency exchanges to steal more than a million-dollar. The phone company did not do anything to stop the breach he alleged. An AT&T spokesperson said they would dispute the allegations in the court.

Earlier in August this year, AT&T made headlines as it was revealed that the company’s employees unlocked millions of mobile phones to plant malware and removed the phones from the provisor’s network in exchange for bribes. And in July, the company faced a lawsuit of $224 million over a SIM-swapping case that cost $24 million in cryptocurrencies.

AT&T started accepting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment earlier this year, becoming one of the major mobile companies to do so.

Malaki Braydon
Malaki Braydon
Braydon has been into the crypto and blockchain space from the past 7 years. Based in New York City, Braydon has completed his masters from Kingsborough Community College.

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