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As expected ICO Announcements bite the dust in Q3: Report



Market analysis has led to the identification of the decline in the announcement of ICO projects in the third quarter of 2018.

Market analysis by a leading crypto organization has led to the identification of the decline in the announcement of ICO projects in the third quarter of 2018.

As per the report published by CoinGecko, the number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in the third quarter did not match the projects announced and funds raised in the earlier quarters of the fiscal.


Low Q3 projects

The findings of the reports are highly self-explanatory. For the second quarter, the total number of projects which were announced needing further funds for expansion and growth was – 606. But the success rates or the number of projects which could convert or raise necessary funds were by nearly half – 267 projects. The funds raised by these were $7.73 billion.

In contrast, the numbers of projects announced in the third quarter were 388 projects, and the successful bids were a mere 193. But the downside was the $1.59 billion that could eventually be used between the successful funds.


Primary funding went to EOS

Notably, the funds which were raised was for the EOS project which had a year-long ICO for $4 billion which concluded in the second-quarter of 2018. It is assumed that the report considered this ICO for the period under study.


Other projects

Other details of the report indicate that of the 34 projects which launched tokens in the last quarter, nearly all of them were eventually registered on exchanges for cryptocurrencies. However, upon further examination, it was found that of the 34 only 7 were able to gain a trading value which was in line or above the money the fund had raised.

But the trading value could have been impacted by the typical market practice of token owners selling their wares once the project is listed.

The breakdown of the report shows that for every $100 an investor held in tokens in these 34 projects, their present market valuation would be $740. The funded projects were largely based out of the Singapore region, numbering 35 projects, over 19 were founded in the UK and nearly 6 in the US and Malta.

However, in the case of the latter two countries, the ICO applications may have been affected by the new set of a regulatory framework which these governments introduced.


Cryptos which topped these ICOs

The projects which were approved included the following 5 cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, EOS. These are currencies notably lower in their value in comparison to their prices earlier. The largest currency to have tripped in terms of prices over the three quarters of 2018 thus far has been Bitcoin cash which was 78% down, while others like EOS were down by only 25%.

Further insights from the report indicate that these five cryptos have been performing well, year-on-year and the only exception has been Ether, which loss by approximately 30% and is trading currently at $199.2.

Further, over 95% of the projects were using the Ethereum network and that these projects have sold the ‘ether’ they had raised via ICO and are yet to realize the gains from it.

Bitcoin Cash

Why Bitcoin Cash SV is the real winner of the Hash War



Bitcoin Cash SV community did not really get wrecked during the hash wars but rather they ended a winning as they were successful

Bitcoin hardfork was successful and BCH split into two cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. Both the coins were listed on binance, the top cryptocurrency exchange and the owners of the original bitcoin cash were awarded both BCHABC and BCHSV.

Craig Wright also known as ‘Faketoshi’ by many crypto enthusiasts as he claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of the original bitcoin is the man behind Bitcoin Cash SV.


Why Bitcoin Cash SV is the real winner:

Many people believe that the Bitcoin Cash SV was wrecked during the hash wars but what people are not realizing is that the Bitcoin SV community received the publicity of being one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization for free and at the same time automatically getting listed on the major exchanges such as binance.
Roger Ver, the founder of bitcoin cash may have believed that the fork is never going to happen but the bitcoin cash SV community was successful in completing the hardfork and splitting the original chain into two parts: BCHABC and BCHSV.

The cost of mining during the hash war may have been more than $300,000 per day but that is far too less if you wish to bring your coin to the top 10 cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization, getting listed on all major exchanges and at the same time having the coin priced at three digits. All these things combined would have cost billions of dollars rather than just a few millions that the team BCHSV is spending. So maybe the team behind Bitcoin Cash SV were successful in achieving what they actually wanted to.


So summarizing the hash wars, we believe the Bitcoin Cash SV community did not really get wrecked during the hash wars but rather they ended a winning as they were successful in creating a coin which is perhaps under the control and listed on all major exchanges with massive liquidity.


The following article is the viewpoint of the writer and does not intend to publicize or suppress any company or cryptocurrency. Readers are advised to do their own research and analysis before investing or trading in any cryptocurrency or digital assets.

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Bitcoin Cash

3 possibilites that can happen during the bitcoin cash hardfork



As the bitcoin cash hardfork is coming closer, investors and traders are worried. Here are 5 possibilities while the bitcoin cash hardfork happens.

As the bitcoin cash hardfork is coming closer, investors and traders are worried about which cryptocurrency would perform better in terms of investment: BCHABC or BCHSV?
BCHSV performed quite good yesterday but fell down towards $170 just a few hours before the bitcoin cash hardfork. The BCHABC is currently trading above $290 while BCH trades around $436. Graig Wright’s new version BCHSV has just 182 nodes for running against 1103 nodes of BCHABC.

Here are 5 possibilities to keep in mind while the bitcoin cash hardfork happens:

1. The death of BCH:

BCH becoming a cryptocurrency with two different ledgers. Right now, there is nobody who is certain about which of the two new cryptocurrencies would survive.


2. One coin may surrender over the other:

The ongoing hash wars may end if one of the blockchains surrenders over the other. There is no certainty as to which of the chains would produce the longer chain. Some Cryptocurrency Exchanges are accepting BCHABC while others are accepting BCHSV. A specific timeframe does not exist as to decide which of the chains would be longer than the other.


3. Both Versions Survive:

There are possibilities that both of the new versions of the Bitcoin Cash can survive. The BCHSV believers seem to believe that BCHSV will pose as the original Bitcoin Cash. Also, BCHABC believers may not accept their defeat which could end up in creating a new cryptocurrency in which case, the owners of the original Bitcoin Cash would be entitled 2 new cryptocurrencies.

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Ethereum Updates: Proof of Stake, Zero Proof Prototype, JP Morgan and more



The Ethereum Dev Con in Prague has just wrapped up in a flurry of news and announcements. Vitalik has made some tantalizing announcements about ethereum.

The Ethereum Devcon in Prague has just wrapped up in a flurry of news and announcements. Vitalik Buterin has made some tantalizing announcements about ethereum stating that Proof of Stake is not far away. The serenity updates will see Ethereum moving from a Proof of Work to a Proof of Stake system which will be exciting.

Estimates predict a possible 1000X increase in ethereum speed brings it up to 15000 transactions per second. The updates will also include improvements to the ethereum virtual machine, cross chain contract logic and much more.


Ernst & Young ETH Zero-Proof Prototype

Ernst & Young made an announcement on 30th October about the launch of EY Ops Chain Public Edition Prototype which is the first ZERO Knowledge Proof Technology on Ethereum Blockchain. According to sources, the prototype aims to improve the current barriers that prevail in the transactions.

– Company’s ability to conduct transactions on the Public Blockchain securely.
– Improving Blockchain Adoption
– Enabling a traceability trail of the private transactions.

The prototype is set to launch in 2019 and could prove to be highly significant for the upcoming security token industry.


JP Morgan ‘big believers’ in Ethereum

Jamie Dimon, the CEO and Chairman of JP Morgan who had earlier said that he did not give a s**t about Bitcoin has recently endorsed Ethereum of having the abilities to provide practical applications to the financial world.
The JP Morgan team is developing a product named as ‘Quorum’ which is defined as an enterprise-focused version of Ethereum. A significant use of the product will be the tokenization of gold bars.


Bancor: Ethereum and EOS Cross-Chain DEX

BancorX, a new platform by the Bancor decentralized exchange is now live and enables the conversion between ethereum and EOS based tokens on the blockchain. Currently, it allows the conversion of more than 110 tokens on both Ethereum and EOS blockchain. The BancorX project was established in collaboration with LiquidEOS, an EOS block producer. The project uses BNT tokens (Bancor Tokens) for the transactions. The BNT Token works on both EOS and Ethereum blockchain.

The working: When you convert an Ethereum token into an EOS token, it is first converted into BNT Token. After this, the BNT Token is transfered to the EOS blockchain and gets converted into an EOS Token.

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