Are you creating a crypto wallet? Learn from these 4 success stories

In the past few years, the crypto exchange industry has seen exponential growth, and with that demand for digital wallets that can store virtual currency has also risen. There are several crypto wallets in the market right now which provide different services. So if you want to make a crypto wallet, we have listed down four wallets and how they became so successful in a short period.


1. Pavol Rusnák,Marek Palatinus & Alena Vránová created Trezor Wallet

Marek Palatinus
Marek Palatinus

SatoshiLabs, in July of 2014 launched the world’s first cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Pavol Rusnák, Marek Palatinus, and Alena Vránová founded SatoshiLabs and later started their flagship project Trezor. The team aimed to create a hardware wallet that would allow crypto coins to store offline and would eliminate the risk of hacking and other various attacks. Many independent security experts and ethical hackers have praised Trezor and its security features.

Cryptocurrency holders in more than 150 countries store their digital currency in Trezor. In 2009, when Bitcoin was young, saving it required a considerable amount of IT knowledge, and it was not for everyone. Pavol and Marek wanted to create hardware that would allow anyone to store bitcoin easily and in a very secure manner. They wanted it to be open-sourced and auditable.

They built a couple of hardware wallet for their friends just as an experiment but they soon realized there was a massive market for secure wallets around the world. They soon started developing Trezor on a big scale.

Trezor brought a revolution in Crypto industry when they made the wallet available worldwide. Suddenly hundreds of thousands of people were able to store their digital currency easily and securely.

The duo since then has been involved in developing and marketing Trezor and its related services such as Trezor Wallet, Trezor Password Manager. The company has continuously been engaged in developing new applications for the security and safety of cryptocurrency holders.


2 Timothy Stranex created Luno Wallet

Timothy Stranex
Timothy Stranex

Timothy Stranex, a BSc graduate from the University of Cape Town, launched cryptocurrency wallet Luno in 2013. Started his career as an engineer at Google in Switzerland, during his four years stay there he worked on google map. But later he quit his job and started his company, Luna.

Currently, it has two million users in 40 countries and processed over five billion dollars.
Luno initially launched as BitX changed its name in 2017 when they made available many digital currencies to trade in and set its headquarter in London.

In September 2017, the exchange raised over 9 million dollars in funding, which helped them to expand its services in Europe market. Luno also allows trading in Fiat currencies.

Payfast, a leading payment processor company in South Africa, became the first merchandise in the country to process payments in bitcoins when they teamed up Luna.

Luna has successfully managed to expand around the world and is still growing successfully. The wallet and exchange company set an example, how to expand your business in a short period. Along the way, the company has also increased its services that they provide.


3. Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek & Christian Trummer created Bitpanda

Eric Demuth
Eric Demuth

Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer founded Bitpanda in 2014, Eric and Paul are current CEOs of the company and Trummer works as Chief Technical Officer.

Founded in 2014, Bitpanda is an exchange platform that allows users to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ether, as well as digitized gold, around Europe. The company claims they have more than a million users in 31 countries and over 100 employees.

Before co-founding Bitpanda, Eric completed his studies in Economics from WU Vienna and London School of Economics. He also traveled the world on a cargo ship while working as a ship’s mechanic.

Paul Klanschek completed his bachelors and master’s degree from WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business). Before co-founding Bitpanda, Paul had experience in bitcoin world where he researched marked and acquired technical knowledge about cryptocurrency and digital applications.

Christian Trummer, born in Viena in 1986, has a background in data processing and management, he leads the technical team at Bitpanda as a chief technical officer. Before co-founding the Bitpanda, he worked as Chief information officer at MIM-365 and as a software developer at MRM systems.

The trio has successfully expanded their business from Austria to all over Europe.


4. Eric Larchevêque, Joel Pobeda, Nicolas Bacca, and Thomas created Ledger.

Nicolas Bacca
Nicolas Bacca

Eric Larchevêque, Joel Pobeda, Nicolas Bacca, and Thomas France started Ledger in 2014. Paris based company made hardware wallets to store multiple cryptocurrencies. So far, Ledger has sold a million units in more than 165 countries.

Eric Larchevêque has founded several companies in various sectors across Europe, including Montorgueil bought by Rentabiliweb in 2007, and Prixing, a mobile price comparison application, which was sold to HighCo in 2013. Before co-founding Ledger, he was CEO at “La Maison du Bitcoin.” Which he founded when he saw the potential of bitcoin, the company was the first platform for digital currency in France.

Joel Pobeda In the late 90s, he started a music web radio company RadioceRos, which was based upon patented technology about live control of the streaming broadcast. In 2014 he launched Chronocoin, which became the prototype for Ledger solutions initiating worlds most secure bitcoin wallet.

Nicolas Bacca created the BTChip, first smartcard-based security solution dedicated to Bitcoin. Bacca has a strong background in crypto technology. He was previously chief technology officer at Simulity, a company which he founded. Bacca is a computer science engineer who specializes in smartcard technology. He worked for five years at Oberthur Technologies where he was head of the technical team.

The fourth member of team Thomas France has a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Ecole Nationale Ponts Chaussées in Paris. He also co-founded Prixing and La Maison du Bitcoin with Eric.

They all came together to launch successfully one of the most secure hardware wallets for cryptocurrency users.


Theses founders of their respective startups have changed the way how cryptocurrencies are stored and transferred around the world. With their knowledge and skills, they are serving the industry to grow further and allowing more and more people to connect with it.

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