Apple crashes down from #1 to #7: Most Innovative Companies Ranking

Apple company known for its products like the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Macbook lost its position. It came down to the 7th position after remaining at number 1 for a long period of time. Apple is no more innovative as it was earlier which attracted a large number of audience. In this era of technology, the sale of the iPhone has gone down to 15% which probably never happened earlier. And with this decline, the company has lost its top position in the list of “50 most innovative companies”.

Apple company is replaced by the Chinese “super app” Meituan Dianping. The top ten positions are taken by the Twitch, Square, and Disney.


How did Apple lost its position?

There was a lack of innovation in the products of Apple. Apple was once the leader of innovation but now it doesn’t seems like that. The company known for iMac, iPod, iPad and iPhone we’re the most demanding and inspiring products of all time. Last year Apple topped the Fast Company list for its wireless AirPods, which was the best seller.


In 2018, it lost its importance and position as this time it did not produced something good and great but produced a chip – A Microchip.


No doubt technology is the most important part of the products produced by Apple,  but it need to come out in brand new form so that it can attract a large number of audience.


Moreover the Apple brand is receiving a great and tough competition from Samsung and Huawei. Samsung grabbed the position from Apple and producing such products that attracts the large number people of all generations.


Yesterday on 20th Day of February 2019, Samsung presented an new smartphone called as the new Galaxy Fold which was priced $2000. The idea was not to replace the average phone but it is an example of imaginative and creative innovation. In the very same announcement Samsung further disclosed that the new Samsung Galaxy s10 is complete with crypto wallet.  


Due to cheaper in price, Huawei is also gaining profit and attracting a large number of audience. This was mentioned in the recent reports of CNBC.  


There is also the lack of focus on the brand. Apple usually sold brand not the product. It was that strong and was the most desirable brand in terms of smartphones. The market of Apple seems to focus more on the technology and product details.

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