Another Petition asking Ripple to increase XRP “dumping”

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Ripple has been facing a hard time maintaining a decent trade trend from quite some time now, and many crypto enthusiasts have blamed the dumping of XRP tokens by Ripple the reasons for this slump.

On 4th September, a Ripple fan went to Twitter and tweeted that he is willing to start a petition asking Ripple to increase the utilizing of XRP. He suggested them to use more XRP tokens to expand the system, hoping this will do good for Ripple adoption.

In the comments section of his tweets, someone posted the link for a petition with the same demand. And so far, the petition has got 217 signatures.

On the other hand, a Twitter user named Crypto Bitlord started a petition in which he asked Ripple to stop the dumping of XRP in the market and let the price stay stable. His petition was signed 3,203 times, and the next milestone for him is of 5,000 signatures.

This user also threatened to hardfork XRP if Ripple won’t stop dumping the coins through its quarterly sales and other cases when Ripple uses the currency for sponsorships or charity purposes.

Crypto Bitlord believes in the simple market logic that the amount of an asset in circulation will be lower if it’s amount is more. However, recently, he decided to take a break from Twitter as he was receiving numerous death threats for his remarks on the hardfork of Twitter.

Ripple had no reactions to both the petitions, and they continued their work and stayed away from these tweets and petitions.

Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary
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