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Algorand Foundation CEO's X Account Compromised

The Algorand Foundation CEO's X account has been compromised, leading to offensive messages and satire posted by the attacker. The community's responses varied from amusement to criticism.

The Algorand Foundation CEO, Staci Warden, has had her X (formerly Twitter) account compromised. The foundation announced the breach and urged its community not to click on any links or respond to direct messages from the account.

On January 26, Warden's compromised X account posted a message insulting the Algorand community and using a racial slur, indicating that someone else had control of the account. The hacker then encouraged the community to sell Algorand and buy Ethereum instead.

Following this, the attacker shared a satirical story about Tron founder Justin Sun supposedly boosting Algorand to new heights by giving him "total control" over the project and the ability to mint any token back to TrueUSD (TUSD).

The hacker's posts generated mixed reactions from the community. Some members found it entertaining and even suggested hiring the hacker, while others took the opportunity to criticize Warden.

This incident follows a similar compromise of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission's X account on January 9.