Alert: Bitcoin going to ZERO says Craig Wright

The drama that trails the status of the real founder of Bitcoin, ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ has turned to another episode as usual. The new episode was heralded by the latest 3000 words blog post of Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed inventor of bitcoin, on 30th May. Craig Wright revealed in the post that he has the sole responsibility to hunt down every fake ‘Satoshi’ in the Crypto space and as well prove once and for all that he is the real ‘Satoshi’. He also stated that Bitcoin BTC would go to zero, while his indispensable Bitcoin BSV, will reign.


According to the post, Wright, an Australian entrepreneur, whose antics in the Crypto space has become very popular especially about his claim as the real ‘Satoshi’, pledges to target everyone who falsely claims to be the ‘Satoshi’ and force them to apologize. Per his words, “If you want to pretend to be Satoshi, I will see you end up in prison. I have a claim that I am Satoshi and that I created the white paper. I’ve made my claim under oath. I have sworn it in a court of law. If it turns out that I’m not, I will face 20 years in prison. The thing is, it will never happen because I am the creator of Bitcoin.”


He further emphasized that he will spare nobody that stands in his way in proving that he is the real Satoshi, and challenges anybody that thinks otherwise to meet him in court. About his doubters and challenges of his claim, he stated that he would make an example of “pitiful” crypto podcaster Peter McCormack. Craig noted that “I’m going to take pitiful people like Peter [McCormack] apart, as sad as it is, because of their stupidity. And as a lesson. People are going to learn that you cannot lie and cheat and defame people without consequences.”


Lastly, he noted that BTC is heading to Zero, and BSV is the true Bitcoin. He warns the proponents of BTC that when BTC heads to zero “…it will be too late. You won’t get notification of the end. You’ll wake up one day, and BTC will be trading at zero.”


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