Alert: Bitcoin Bull Rally a Trap? BTC going to fall down again?

Technical Indicators:

Support Levels: $4000, $3900

Resistance Levels: $4800, $5000


Key Points:

  • Bitcoin price started a bull rally today rising above the major resistance levels.
  • Bitcoin broke through $4400, $4600 and $4900 resistance levels to move into a positive zone.
  • Bitcoin price recently fell below $5000 after testing $5100 resistance level and is currently correcting downwards.
  • It seems that the price might fall downwards again and settle somewhere around $4000 and $4400 in the short term before it starts a bullish momentum again.


Bitcoin Price Analysis:

Bitcoin started a bull rally and moved up to $5130 on the bitmex chart before starting to correct downwards. BTC is currently facing strong resistance around $4800 which might lead to a downfall. However, BTC is well supported around $4000 and it might fall somewhere around this range in the short term before starting to rise again.

BTCUSD Price Chart 2 April
BTCUSD Price Chart 2 April

Analysts are also terming the current move ‘a bull trap’ which might break soon and bitcoin might soon crash back to $4000 range. Bitcoin must settle above $5000 for the bulls to continue their action. On the downside, if Bitcoin price moves below $4700 support, it might test $4200 and $4000 support level below which it might turn bearish again.

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