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The Central Bank of Myanmar has announced to outlaw the use of digital currencies in the country. However, the crypto community is unfazed by the decision.

The central bank of Myanmar outlaws the use of cryptocurrencies in the country.

Myanmar's financial services regulator is not a fan of digital currencies, and it has made its stand quite clear. The Central Bank of Myanmar...
The Canadian e-commerce giant, Shopify has added to its acceptable range of cryptocurrencies with a CoinPayments partnership.

Shopify partners with CoinPayments to enable payments in 1800 cryptocurrencies.

The Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify has partnered with CoinPayments to enable its clients to pay merchants in over 1,800 digital currencies as opposed to...
Tether's ability to resist uncertain price crashes has attracted millions of investors. It is the highest traded crypto surpassing Bitcoin, ETH, and XRP.

Tether’s traded volume eclipses all other cryptocurrencies; market capitalization swelled by $8.8 billion

Tether might be the underdog in the cryptocurrency sphere. Currently, its market cap is just behind XRPUSD. With an increase in USDT prices, it...
According to a new update in the amendment of Califonia's existing securities law, the cryptocurrencies could get regulatory clearance.

New amendment in California’s securities law could provide clarity to cryptocurrencies

According to a new amendment in California's securities-law, the world's technological industry could be providing new clarity to cryptocurrency owners. California is one of...
A recent survey conducted by the South Korean wallet provider Childly showed that two-thirds of crypto users are in favor of cryptocurrency taxation.

Two-third of crypto users support taxation on cryptocurrencies

A recent survey conducted by wallet provider Childly found that 66% of respondents are in favor of taxing cryptocurrencies. The survey included more than...
Vladimir Putin said that cryptocurrencies are work beyond borders, so it not possible for any country to have its own cryptocurrency.

Vladimir Putin says countries can’t have their own cryptocurrencies

Russian President Vladimir Putin, when asked about whether Russia will soon have its own national cryptocurrency or not, said that it is not possible...
The President of the Brazilian banking Federation, Murilo Portugal, has argued that digital currencies are not actual currencies.

President of the Brazilian Banking Federation says cryptocurrencies are not actual currencies.

While speaking in a debate in regards to the impact of the digital revolution in the world of finance, President of the Brazilian banking...
Bitcoin failed to prove its status as safe haven as it witnessed one of the worst days in its history on Thursday amid coronavirus outbreak.

How Coronavirus is affecting cryptocurrencies and financial markets all over the world

Coronavirus outbreak has destabilized lives and businesses all over the world as governments continue to work to contain the novel coronavirus. So far, more...
US Congressman Paul Gosar introduced a crypto bill that aims to bring legitimacy to cryptocurrency in the United States of America.

US Congressman presents a bill to regulate different cryptocurrencies.

Representative Paul Anthony Gosar, on 9th March, introduced the Cryptocurrency Act of 2020 that aims to bring clarity and legitimacy to the crypto industry....
US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin revealed that the United States FinCEN would release new requirements related to cryptocurrencies.

US FinCEN is all set to roll out new requirements for cryptocurrencies

The US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, while speaking before the Senate Finance Committee, revealed that the FinCEN has increased its funding on anti-terror funding...
Chinese police arrests 12 suspects who are accused of impersonating officials of Huobi crypto exchange. The crypto scam was busted by police.

Two arrested for allegedly scamming $7.5 million in cryptocurrencies

US law enforcement arrested two citizens from the US state of Arizona that allegedly conned MLB (Major League Baseball) players and scammed over 90...
Lawmakers in Hawaii have filed a bill that would allow banks to provide custody for cryptocurrencies. The bill would allow banks to hold cryptocurrencies.

Hawaii lawmakers introduce a bill that would allow banks to hold cryptocurrencies

Five senators from the US state of Hawaii have proposed a bill seeking to authorize banks to provide crypto services. The ambitious bill, if...
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) told the Supreme court that it did not ban the cryptocurrencies but took steps to protect financial institutions.

India’s Central Bank clarifies that cryptocurrencies are not banned

RBI made this argument during the ongoing case in the Supreme court of India that will judge if RBI's decision to suspend banking support...
Pro Islamic State-linked terror groups have conducted first transactions in cryptocurrencies in the Southeast Asian country, Philippines.

Terrorists are using more sophisticated ways to raise funds via cryptocurrencies.

The New-York based researching firm, Chainalysis, reported that terrorists are getting more sophisticated as to how they raise their funds, which in result has...
Venezuelan citizens can now pay in bitcoins for goods and services at more than 20,000 point-of-sale (PoS) terminals throughout the country.

Burger King starts accepting cryptocurrencies in crisis-hit Venezuela.

According to local news reports, Burger King outlets in the inflation-hit nation of Venezuela announced a partnership with Cryptobuyer to accept cryptocurrencies as a...
The government of South Korea has confirmed that income tax cannot be levied on individual investors’ profits from crypto transactions .

Profits earned from cryptocurrencies are not taxable in South Korea.

The government of South Korea revealed that it is studying approaches of other major countries to amend its tax laws regarding cryptocurrencies. But as...
Chinese authorities have issued warnings to companies to avoid indulging in cryptocurrency related businesses in the country.

Beijing authorities warn firms from dealing in cryptocurrencies.

According to the Shanghai Securities News report, local authorities in China's capital city have jointly issued a risk warning to businesses not to deal...
The Supreme court of Russia recognizes cryptocurrencies as money and property and warned that these could be used for bribes.

The Supreme court of Russia says cryptocurrencies can be subjected to bribe

The Supreme court of Russia acknowledged that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and XRP could be used to bribe authorities in the country. Currently, there is...
Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten now allows users to convert their Rakuten Super Points to bitcoin, ether, and bitcoin cash.

Japan-based Rakuten now allows users to convert loyalty points to cryptocurrencies

Japan's equivalent to Amazon, Rakuten has announced that its users will now be able to convert Rakuten Super Points to cryptocurrencies. Rakuten is the...
Uzbekistan banned citizens from buying cryptocurrencies from licensed crypto exchanges in the country. The country legalized crypto trading in 2018.

Uzbekistan regulators ban citizens from buying cryptocurrencies.

Uzbekistan had legalized the crypto trading in the country last year when it introduced licensing for cryptocurrency exchanges. But the National Agency for Project Management...
The British lawmakers yesterday finally classified cryptocurrencies as property. The decision has provided more clarity on the definition of cryptocurrency.

UK lawmakers classify cryptocurrencies as property

Britain's crypto industry got a boost after the lawmakers in the country classified them as property. The US lawmakers still have not classified cryptocurrencies...
The 2020 US Presidential candidate Andrew Yang explains his plan to regulate cryptocurrencies without risking the growth of the industry

Andrew Yang explains how he plans to regulate cryptocurrencies.

Andrew Yang's campaign has gained quite a momentum in the last few months. Yang has promised to issue Universal Basic Income (UBI) of $1000...
The US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced to add support for five new cryptocurrencies to its Visa debit card, including XRP.

Coinbase adds support for XRP and four other cryptocurrencies to its Visa debit card.

Coinbase has added support for five cryptocurrencies, including Ripple's XRP, to its Visa debit card. Users in the European countries of Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark,...
The financial regulators in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have begun drafting regulations for the implementation and use of cryptocurrencies in the country

UAE authorities begin drafting regulations for the use of cryptocurrencies

The financial regulators in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have begun drafting regulations for the implementation and use of cryptocurrencies in the country. The...
director of the FBI said that cryptocurrency poses a significant issue for the law enforcing agency

FBI Director says cryptocurrencies pose a significant security threat

In a recent hearing before the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, the director of the FBI said that cryptocurrency poses...
Binance signed a (MoU) with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine to help the country in establishing the legal status of cryptocurrencies

Binance to assist Ukraine in establishing the legal status of cryptocurrencies in the country

Binance recently announced that they signed an MoU with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine to help the country in establishing the potential...

Brad Garlinghouse predicts a worthless future for 99% cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrency News

Ripple CEO revealed to Bloomberg his anticipation on the future of cryptocurrencies. According to Brad, the majority of the virtual coins will probably become...
The chief strategist at the Swiss private banking group Julius Baer believes that cryptocurrencies still lack the potential and trust.

Cryptocurrencies lack trust to compete with fiat currency says Swiss Banking group Julius Baer’s...

Christian Gautier Ericsson, the chief strategist and head of research and investment solutions at Swiss private banking group Julius Baer, holds the thought that...
The US senator Mike Rounds has published a letter in defense of cryptocurrencies. He chooses to stand in support of Libra.

Encourage cryptocurrencies, they are here to stay: says US senator Mike Rounds – Cryptocurrency...

Mike Rounds, the Republican Senator, has extended his support for cryptocurrencies following the Libra Hearing held on October 23. The Congressman featured on CNBC...
The Indian Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, declared on Sunday that countries would have to show extreme caution regarding cryptocurrencies.

After a long wait, Indian Finance Minister finally gives her stance on Cryptocurrencies –...

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Minister of Finance in India, has expressed concerns over the usage of cryptocurrencies. The minister cited her stance in the annual...