15 recent developments in Zebpay – India’s bitcoin exchange

Zebpay, India’s leading digital currency exchange has been making waves in the virtual currency market and has emerged as a strong player in this fintech market, being of Indian origin. Enabled to be accessed on mobile devices via apps, be it android or iOS, Zebpay has its Indian headquarters in Gujarat, India. Zebpay is India’s very own, first of its kind digital currency exchange and a lot has been going on with this platform. Let us have a look at a few of the most recent developments in Zebpay and understand how they are either good or bad for its users and clients.


  1. Zebpay recently started urging all of its users and clients to start withdrawing their funds that are in the form of Indian National Rupees (INR) from the exchange. This urging has been made recently owing to the uncertain and insecure blockchain regulation situation in the country right now.

  2. On June 21, Zebpay announced the launch of NCASH or Nucleus Vision. This is a new cryptocurrency by Zebpay and since June 22, it in active to be used for buying and selling. Nucleus Vision is an ERC20 token which is based upon the Ethereum blockchain. A largely IOT based endeavour, it would help companies save their customer’s money better.

  3. Recently, more coins have been added to the platform. Along with the already available for live trading 11 digital currencies on this platform, Zebpay has now introduced six more. These include Zilliqa, Basic Attention Token, Kyber Network, Aeternity, IOSToken, and VeChain. Clearly, Zebpay is widening its field of investments for a larger user base.

  4. Zebpay has been very enthusiastic in this fintech space and recently announced their complete and utter support for TRON and EOS mainnet upgrade. They have also extended full support for the token swap event. The TRON token migration event was held on June 21, 2018.

  5. Zebpay also started the easy to use live cryptocurrency chart tools. These comprehensive, customised, new and improved price charts that track digital currency volumes and price changes every passing minute, would help all kinds of traders and investors to have access to newer techniques which could help them not just keep track of the current prices but also make predictions and forecasts regarding the prices.

  6. Zebpay now offers you the feature of whitelisting addresses on their platform. This would help investors, traders and normal users to facilitate high level transactions without any additional inconvenience or nuisance.

  7. Earlier, Zebpay users used to face a lot of issues and a huge waiting time whenever they forgot their PINs. It is human nature to lose track of things and especially passwords since many people tend to be forgetful with their passwords, every time a Zebpay users forgot theirs, they had to wait for 24 hours before the password was reset again and they could start using their accounts again. By then, they were locked out of their own accounts. But now, Zebpay has started an instant PIN reset service using which you would no longer have to go through a 24 hour long wait.

  8. On 12th June, 2018, Zebpay announced the launch of CyberMiles or CMT. This is another cryptocurrency on their platform and the deposits for it have gone live. These tokens majorly aim to increase the returns for its holders by giving them several numerous incentives.

  9. With the recent urging made my Zebpay to withdraw their INR money from their platform, Zebpay has made it clear that in spite of this if the users continue to hold them in their Zebpay wallets and do not withdraw them, Zebpay would not be held accountable in the event of any misfortune. They have made assurances about digital currency to digital currency trading happening without any snag however they do not promise the same for when  the Indian Rupee is involved in the equation.

  10. Zebpay aims to be a user friendly and open to its customers platform and keeping this in mind, they recently hosted a meet and greet event in their Mumbai office in May. Customers dropped by in large numbers and sat down with the Zebpay CEO and top executives to discuss their woes and such about cryptocurrency and related topics with them.

  11. Zebpay wishes to provide its users and clients higher clarity in minimalism and thus they have recently revamped their home screen widget for all android devices. A new added feature of a slider would help a user to look at the details of a particular digital currency one at a time.

  12. The recently released advanced charting tools by Zebpay would help investors and traders make smarter trading and investing decisions. A huge list of indicators and drawing tools are available for an interactive and user friendly analysis of the many cryptocurrency charts.

  13. Since security of digital assets holding some value of exchange are always a liability in reality, the whitelist address feature by Zebpay is here to the rescue. It provides higher security and reliability and has a much more higher limit on transactions than the platform usually allows for. A users can whitelist upto 10 digital currency sending addresses for every digital currency available for trading on Zebpay.

  14. Zebpay also recently announced the lowest intraday trading fees of just 0.10%. This is a drastic reduction for intraday traders and the difference between the fees in refunded back the following day.

  15. With the recent request by Zebpay asking their customers to withdraw their Indian Rupees from the platform, these withdrawals are still active and would be active till the time a client’s bank account is active. This is largely a step being taken for customer protection.


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